What is Probate Junkies exactly?


Data Brokerage Service

Probate Junkies is a data brokerage service for the real estate investment market in Los Angeles and Orange County. We develop high quality, value-added real estate leads so that you can focus your time on the particulars of the right deal.

What’s with the name, syringes and vials?

We love this business. In fact you could say we are addicted to it. There are so many untapped opportunities and once you get in on it, you get hooked. We’ve seen investors turn leads into deals that result in big profits and they keep coming back to us for more. Once you make your first Probate Junkies deal happen, we promise you’ll understand.
Proprietary Methodologies

Everyday we sift through court filings to find investment opportunities. Once we identify an opportunity, we start researching the estate and then verifying the particulars. This information is then formatted into rich, easy-to-understand leads and delivered directly to your inbox.


We are not real estate investors. We aren’t competing with you. We don’t cherry pick the great leads from our inventory and sell the rest to you.

Designed for Agenst, Brokers and Investors

We go to court so you don’t have to. Everyday we see frustrated agents, brokers and investors spinning their wheels trying to sift through the hundreds of filings that have been published since their last visit to court. Even those who consistently come every week, miss a great deal of opportunities because they don’t know where to look.

No more frustrating days at court

No more flakey assistants

No more sifting through irrelevant leads to find the one lead you know you want

No more missing hidden opportunities because you don’t know where to look

The Clear Choice

Ask yourself what your time is worth? We are able to target the right leads and opportunities that meet your investment criteria.